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The Coffeyville Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is a local club comprised of licensed amateur radio operators, also known as "HAMS". Although the main purpose of the hobby is fun, it is called the "Amateur Radio Service" because it also has a serious face. The FCC created the "Service" to fill the need for a pool of experts who could provide backup emergency communications in times of need. In addition, the FCC acknowledged the ability of the hobby to advance communication and technical knowledge, and enhance international goodwill. Ken - NUB

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MGARC / CARC Club Repeaters

Montgomery Co.(Coffeyville, Ks)

WRCV 146.610- 91.5 (Yaesu DR-1X AMS) NUB 147.300+ 91.5
WRMG 442.875+ 91.5 (Yaesu DR-1X AMS) NTAP 444.550+ 91.5
NTAP 224.520- 91.5  AllStar (Testing)

Labette Co.(Bartlett, Ks)

WRMG 444.125+ 91.5 - 24 mi East of Coffeyville, off of US166 Hwy

(AMS = Automatic Mode Select)

All of our machines are OPEN access and are coordinated thru the

Kansas Amateur Repeater Council

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