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Oct 25, 2018: Wires-X is Operational, please read the Wires-X Information page. - Ken NUB

Oct 25, 2018: New NTAP 220 Mhz repeater is in the plans. Brian Short (KCBS) our State Freq Coordinator assigned 224.520 Mhz + with 91.5 tone for our new repeater. The repeater is under construction and we will advise when the equipment is operational. - Ken NUB 

Sept 18, 2018: Wires-X News: We'll we finally got all of the equipment in and I think I have everything ready to take up to the Club House. I used an old
small refrig I had to mount everything it. It has a fan and thermostat that will kick on if the heat sink reaches 102 F, plus the fan on the radio itself. With the radio only running 5 watts, I doubt that will ever happen except maybe in the
summer time. We are feeding a Dual Band 1/4 antenna which will sit on top of the refrig. The refrig will be bolted down to the shelf and the computer will operate from the bench under the wires-x box. The unit's will have an APC battery backup. I drilled three one inch vent holes in the bottom of the refrig for cooling. More work to do at the Club House. I will let you know when you can try out the new system, hopefully within the next two weeks. Ken - NUB

Jan 2, 2018: Club election for the Independence Radio club were held tonight. Officers for the Club for 2018 are: President K1ISH Josh Othniel, Vice  President KEEWR Stuart Brewster, Tres KWI Dave Cook and Sec N7CZR Mike Byers.  - Ken NUB

Dec 2017: A new Yaesu DR-1X repeater was purchased by the Independence Radio Club for the 145.490 machine. It is installed at the Independence Radio Club House on a temporary antenna, until the radio station completes the redo of the antenna system for their FM transmitters. It is setup for Automatic Mode Select, In other words Digital In = Digital Out or Standard FM In = Standard FM Out. The 442.650 machine is back online on the temporary antenna system also. - Ken NUB 

Nov 14, 2017: Club elections for 2018 Officers were held tonight at the Club meeting. Officers for the Club for 2018 are: President KWI Dave Cook, Vice  President NRDM Bob Martin, Tres NUB Ken Collins and Sec NTAP Dave Hanna. All of the repeaters seem to be operating fine. The Bartlett machine is doing very well, with a 10 watt mobile talking thru it from the east side of Joplin. HT coverage is approximately a 21 mile radius from the Bartlett machine. We have a few more ideas in mind for our repeaters during 2018. - Ken NUB

Sept 2, 2017: After talking with Brian Short (KCBS) our State Freq Coordinator, we were able to relocate our 444.125+ Mhz repeater to the Bartlett CO-OP elevator. The antenna will still be a DB-408 in an Omni pattern, but with an elevation of 200 Feet above the average terrain. Bartlett is located 24 miles East of Coffeyville off of US 166. This will give us coverage in an area we have never had before. Plans are for linking the 147.300 machine with the new machine in Bartlett. We are still working on the machine and probably will be for the next 3 or 4 weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob (W5RAB), Dave (NTAP), Dave (KWI) and Richard for helping with the installation. - Ken NUB

May 12, 2017: Through a gift from ValNet, Internet access is now available at the Club House. The only thing it cost was the install and setup (that was paid for by donation). The equipment is now the Club's and the router was a gift from Valnet. The monthly service to the Club is free (normally that is $39.95 a month for 1.5 Mbps). Your Laptop or phone will work fine with the Wi-Fi from the Club House area. Members may contact me by phone and I will give you the Login and password. If we have problems with people trying to download movies or songs we will change it, and go with authorized MAC address's. I will get with Bob (NRDM) and a letter of appreciation will be drafted and sent to Valnet. - Ken NUB

April 2017: Over the last month a few additions have be made to several of our repeaters. The 146.610 Mhz machine has a amp and is now running approx 55 watts. A new thermostatically controlled exhaust fan was installed in the 146.610 Mhz building. The 442.875 Mhz machine has a amp and is now running approx 65 watts. The 147.300 Mhz machine was installed into the new rack assembly at the Club House and has a amp and is now running approx 55 watts. Everything appears to be operating fine. - Ken NUB

March 23, 2017: We'll I went up to the Club House today and got the UHF (442.875) machine moved to the new rack assembly. While I was there I went ahead and installed the amp for the UHF machine. Running 4 watts from the Yaesu repeater into a 100 watt amp putting out about 65 watts into the duplexer. The amp is a Mirage D1010-N, it will take up to 10 watts drive. It has a huge heat sink and I installed two 120mm ball bearing fans that come on at 100 Deg. The amp is also thermally protected and will shut off if the temp gets over 170 Deg, it will reset and come back on when the temp reaches 140 Deg. I am running an Astron RS-20M-BB power supply for the amp, 13.8 volts pulling 14.6 amps on transmit. I have RG-400 cable running to the amp and the duplexer with a short run of RG-214 from the duplexer output to the polyphaser. We have approx 55 feet of 1/2 inch Heliax running to the DB-411 antenna. Latter this summer we may arraign the elements on the UHF antenna to an omni pattern, they are all heading North at the present time.  - Ken NUB

Nov 21, 2016: Brian Short (KCBS) our State Freq Coordinator, advised us we had received the Freq of 442.125+ Mhz for our new repeater in the Edna area. We plan on having the repeater up and operational in the next two weeks. The repeater will be a Motorola 1225 system with the CAT-250 controller. It will be running approx 22 watts with 1/2 inch Heliax feeding a DB-408 in an Omni pattern.  - Ken NUB

Nov 14, 2016: A new Yaesu DR-1X repeater was purchased by the Montgomery County Radio Club for the 442.875 machine. It was paid for by Dave (NTAP), Chuck (W5COV) and Ken (NUB) and was placed online today, It is setup for Automatic Mode Select. In other words, Digital In = Digital Out or Standard FM In = Standard FM Out. The repeater seems to be doing just fine and the coverage is very good for the Coffeyville area and to the North. - Ken NUB

Oct 31, 2016: While doing routine maintenance on the 146.610 machine, Dave (NTAP) and myself noticed the roof on the building housing the machine was in dire need of repair. This building was donated to the club by Ed (KB5FUP) and houses the Clubs newest Yaesu repeater. In our opinion this was an emergency situation, Dave (NTAP) and myself replaced the roof. Metal roofing materials with a moisture barrier was used for a total cost of less than $65.00. This was all discussed with Bob (NRDM) our acting President. This should make a good roof for many years to come. - Ken NUB

April 4th, 2016: Dave (NTAP), Ken Brown, Dave (KWI), Jim Hannah and myself replaced the antenna's and added a 220 Mhz control antenna on the Club House tower. The 442.875 machines antenna was replaced with a DB-411 and relocated on the North side of the tower. The 442.875 machine runs 22 watts and the antenna has a hypercardioid pattern to the North. The antenna is feed with 1/2" Heliax and is approximately 42 feet on the tower.

The 147.300 machines antenna was replaced with a DB-224 and relocated on the East side of the tower. The 147.3000 machine runs 22 watts and the antenna has an omni directional pattern. The antenna is feed with 1/2" Heliax and is approximately 54 feet on the tower. We also mounted a 220 Mhz J-Pole on the South side of the tower for control. New guy cables were installed along with a new Rohn 25g tilt base. Click the picture at the left to view the new tower setup. - Ken NUB

Feb 25th, 2016: At approximately 7:30 a.m. this morning, Dave (KWI), Mike (N7CZR), Stewart (KEEWR) and myself meet at the Old Mercy Hospital in Independence. Taylor Crane arrived and the tower was set off from the building into the parking lot, with no damage to the tower or antenna's. The above members of the I.A.R.C. dismantled the tower, antenna's and they were transported to the Club House. After an inventory at the Club House here is what we obtained: 49 feet of Rohn 25G tower (four 10 foot sections, one top section approx 9 feet and a tower base for flat roof mounting), two runs of 1/2 inch LDF4-50A Heliax approx 50 feet in length, one VHF DB-224 antenna, one UHF DB-408 antenna and one dual band (UHF & VHF) DB-314 or maybe a DB-315 antenna, assorted antenna clamps and guy wires.

This equipment plus the three Motorola radio's are a definite asset to the I.A.R.C.'s ability to help the Community in times of need. We would like to thank Mercy Hospital and the City of Independence for this donation. I think we also owe Dave (KWI) a thank you for his effort in obtaining this equipment, If he hadn't contacted the proper people this equipment would have all been trashed. - Ken NUB

Feb 9th, 2016: The C.A.R.C. meeting was held tonight, Bob Buford (W5RAB) did his presentation on Repeaters & Duplexers for the Club members. During the presentation Bob programmed and aligned a Motorola XPR8400 repeater system with duplexers for the Independence Amateur Radio Club. This UHF FM repeater system will be on 442.650 Mhz with a 91.5 tone and a plus offset. We would like to thank Bob (W5RAB) for his knowledge and expertise in this presentation.- Ken NUB

Jan 14th, 2016: We'll Dave (NTAP) and I re-installed the 147.300 repeater at the Clubhouse yesterday. It is running with a diplexer (Ma-Com 250 watts continuous) to the dual band antenna with the 442.875 machine. Both Motorola 1225 machines are running approximately 22 watts (half power) into the antenna. Everything appears to be running ok with no signs of interference on either machine. The repeaters sound ok although I do think the audio need's to be bumped up on both machines. Maybe sometime latter this week Dave and I will try and do that.

It sure looks nice with them all in the same unit, it would have been nice if the rack had been bigger. The VHF duplexer is sitting on the outside of the rack, but because of it's size I guess there is nothing else you can do. It is chained to the rack assembly for security. We still need to install the following items on these repeaters: 220 Mhz control link and the antenna - Decibel DB-224 for VHF - DB-411 for UHF and 1/2 inch Heliax for both antenna's. We have everything it's just a matter of installing it, when the weather allows. Try out the 147.300 machine and let me know how it is doing. - Ken NUB

Jan 5th, 2016: The I.A.R.C. held their monthly meeting with the election of officers. The officers for the 2016 year are Dave (KWI) President, Josh (KA1EBQ) Vice President, Jason (KDYEP) Treasurer and Mike (N7CZR) as Secretary. Also discussed were the plans for updating the constitution of their Club. A generic version of the constitution was handed out to the members and they were asked to go over it and make changes as they seen fit. This will be addressed at the February Club meeting. Congratulations to the new Officers of the Club and a very grateful thank you to last years Officers. - Ken NUB

Dec 29th, 2015: During the past 6 months or so the I.A.R.C. has been in the process of repairing the old Office building at the radio tower site on Table Mound. KIND Radio has offered the building to the Radio Club for the establishment of a Club House. The building was in bad need of repair, since that time the building has been repainted along with the transmitter building. The soffits and fascia were all replaced and a bunch of work was done on the inside of the office building. The central heating & air conditioner was repaired and a new grounding system has been installed in the transmitter building. All of this work was done by members of the Radio Club at no cost to the Radio station. Here is a link to Jason's (KDYEP) Photo Page if you would like to look at the progress made. Still more to do, but a very good job to the members involved. - Ken NUB

Nov 24th, 2015: Installed 30 ft of Rohn 25G tower at the C.A.R.C. Club House and we removed the pushup pole. The tower folds over at the base and three guy cables were used. We also installed the anti-climb panels to the tower and installed the dual band antenna on the tower for use with the 442 Repeater. Thanks to Mike (N7CZR), David (NTAP) and Stewart (KEEWR) for their assistance. - Ken NUB

Nov 18th, 2015:  Nick from Valnet contacted Mike (N7CZR) and stated they had a tower emergency just north of Cherryvale. Nick stated that they would like some assistance in the emergency deployment of their mobile antenna tower. Mike (N7CZR), Dave (KWI), Stewart (KEEWR) and myself met with the Valnet employees on Nov 19th and we assisted with the deployment of the mobile antenna tower. - Ken NUB - Pic1 - Pic2

Nov 17th, 2015:  Replaced the old 442.875 repeater with a Motorola 1225 system with the CAT-250 controller. The range seems to be ok, the audio is not quiet up to snuff yet. An audio processor board has been ordered and should arrive in a week or so. - Ken NUB

April 28th, 2015: The new Yaesu DR-1X repeater was placed online today. It is in operation on the 146.610 Mhz frequency and it is setup for Automatic Mode Select. In other words, Digital In = Digital Out or Standard FM In = Standard FM Out. The repeater seems to be doing just fine and the coverage is very good for the Coffeyville area and to the North. Thanks David (NTAP) for the help. - Ken NUB

April 23rd, 2015: News from Yaesu - The new Yaesu DR-1X repeater arrived today on the Fed-X truck. This machine will take the place of the Motorola 1225 machine on the 146.610 Mhz frequency. Over the next couple of weeks the machines configuration will probably change, as we see which modes (Digital or Standard Analog or a configuration of both) works best for the Club. - Ken NUB

January 8th, 2015: News from Yaesu - The DR-1X are currently on backorder. They are tentatively scheduled to arrive at our location by the end of February 2015. I will email you as soon as your repeater is shipped and I will also send you a tracking number. - Ken NUB

November 23,2014: Dave (NTAP), Bob (W5RAB), Richard (Tower Climber) and myself did the antenna work on the Southern Hill towers. The 444.550 machines antenna was replaced with a DB-411 and relocated on the North side of the tower. The 444.550 machine runs 20 watts and the antenna has a hypercardioid pattern to the North. The antenna is feed with 7/8" Heliax and is approximately 185 feet on the tower. - Ken NUB

On the South tower the 146.610 machines antenna was replaced with a DB-224 and relocated on the North side of the tower. The 146.610 machine runs 20 watts and the antenna has a hypercardioid pattern to the North. The antenna is feed with 1/2" Heliax and is approximately 92 feet on the tower.

We owe Bob (W5RAB) big time for his help in this endeavor. Ken - NUB

November 3rd, 2014: The Club applied for the Yaesu DR-1X Installation Program. We were notified by Yaesu that we had been approved for the program. Yaesu is currently backordered about 1 to 2 months on shipping the DR-1X units. We will be notified by Yaesu as soon as our unit is ready to ship. The unit will be paid for by donations from Club members. If you would like to make a donation just contact any of the Club Officers. Ken - NUB

YAESU DR-1X 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater

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