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Field Kindley High School Radio Club

Callsign WVWT


William R. Lynn - WPSE

William (Bill) was an instructor at the Field Kindley High School from the mid 1930's thru about 1965. During that time period he was the Trustee for the Field Kindley High School Radio Club (WVWT) and he was the driving force behind Amateur Radio in this area. I won't even try to guess how many HAMS he turned out of his classes. Even after Bill's retirement he was active in Amateur Radio, teaching cw classes and giving tests. I first met Bill in 1975 when I was taking a novice class at Walter Johnson Park. I was working at the Coffeyville Police Department (mid-night shift) and something came up where I could not complete the course. A few weeks latter I contacted Bill and asked if he would work with me to complete the class, of course Bill said yes. During the next few weeks and months, Bill became my ELMER and a truly good friend.  That was over thirty years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Bill continued living here in Coffeyville until the late 80's, when he moved to the Kansas City area to be close to his relatives. Ken NUB

From Charles (W5COV):

   The Field Kindley Memorial High School radio club was a recognized club , by the school system from about 1968 to 1971 . I was the Club President and we had a meeting one hour a week , as did all recognized clubs , on school time . I received my first license from testing through Bill Lynn , on November 26 , 1965 , ( WNNTU ) . Dave Hanna received his Novice ticket shortly after that.

   Things were kind of quiet until the club at the school was reorganized in about 1968 , when several people received their Novice licenses. There were two females licensed in that group. Besides club times , the station could be operated during your lunch hour . CW ONLY !! Straight Key !! The club and members are even listed in the yearbook. The call for the station at that time was WAMHH .

   I noticed in one of the pictures , I think from the 50's , that the same receiver was still in use in 1965 . It was an HRO-5 . You had to swap band coil drawers to change bands . The transmitter had been updated by 1965 . It was a Heath DX-60 , crystal control as required for Novices at that time. Although rated at 90 watts CW , we were checked often by Bill to see that we did not exceed the 75 watts input allowed to Novices. I NEVER saw a microphone for the station. The station spent most of its time on 40 meters. I only remember one maybe two crystals . The antenna was a dipole stretched across behind the building fed with 450 ohm parallel line. Bill himself , usually had at least one CW contact a day in the station log.

   Bill was a wonderful person and quite a fun character . I spent several weekends at the KGGF transmitter with him , where he was the engineer on most weekends. He would let me go through the tube pulls and keep the good ones for my junk box. He did not like for Novices to get on 2 meters phone , as they were allowed at that time. I worked 2 meters AM , with a BIG group of local hams on 145.1 every night. He told me I was wasting my time , because if I could work them on 2 meters , I could just walk to their house and visit with them. He will ALWAYS remain a legend in the hearts of Coffeyville hams.

3 RULES , CW , STRAIGHT KEY & 450 ohm line !!

 Chuck ( W5COV )

Field Kindley High School Radio Club

1954 Class - 1955 Class - 1956 Class


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