The Coffeyville Amateur Radio Club, meets at 7:00 PM  on the second Tuesday of the month. The meeting is held in the C.A.R.C. Clubhouse, Pfister Park; Coffeyville, Kansas. The meeting's are open to the public.

The Club has a weekly NET, Monday at 8:30 p.m. on the WRMG repeater at 442.875 MHz, and again on the WRCV repeater at 9:00 p.m. on 146.610 Mhz. Hams are invited to check into the net, you do not have to be a member.

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Local VHF & UHF Nets

Location Frequency Tone Time: CDT
Claremore, Ok 444.350+ Mhz Fusion Net Sun at 8:00 pm
Beaumont, Ks 443.125+ Mhz PL 88.5 Sun at 8:00 pm
Beaumont, Ks 443.125+ Mhz PL 88.5 Sun at 9:00 pm
Independence, Ks 145.490- Mhz PL 91.5 Mon at 7:00 pm

Coffeyville, Ks

442.875+ Mhz

PL 91.5

Mon at 8:30 pm

Coffeyville, Ks

146.610- Mhz

PL 91.5

Mon at 9:00 pm

Winfield, Ks

145.190+ Mhz


Mon  at 8:30 pm

Claremore, Ok

147.090+ Mhz


Tue at 7:00 pm

Sedan, Ks

146.955- Mhz

PL 100

Tue at 8:00 pm

Vinita, Ok

147.360+ Mhz

PL 88.5

Tue at 8:00 pm

Mayes Co, Ok 442.075+ Mhz PL 88.5 Wed at 7:00 pm

Bartlesville, Ok

146.655+ Mhz

PL 88.5

Wed at 8:00 pm





Pryor, Ok

147.060+ Mhz

PL 88.5

Thur at 8:00 pm

Keetonville, Ok 224.480+ Mhz PL 88.5 Fri at 9:00 pm

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