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 Club Constitution

Objectives: To encourage and promote Amateur Radio communications preparedness, and to make the resources of the club available to concerned organizations, within the extent of CARC's ability to provide amateur radio communications, in case of national or local emergencies. To encourage and promote individual operating efficiency and interest in the art of Amateur Radio. To insist upon strict compliance with the rules and regulations governing Amateur Radio as set forth by the Federal Communications Commission. To take general interest in all problems and matters concerning Amateur Radio involving any of its members and to take such action as may be deemed advisable. To promote good fellowship among members of the Club and among members of the Amateur Radio community as a whole. To cooperate, communications wise, with other Coffeyville area organizations for everyone's best interest. To encourage cooperation of all Amateur Radio clubs in the area for the mutual benefit of all amateur radio operators.

Operating Repeaters: Our club owns and operates several VHF and UHF radio repeaters throughout the Montgomery County and Labette County area. These repeaters provide line-of-sight reception throughout the Montgomery County and the Labette County area.

Licensing Exams: Our club sponsors FCC amateur radio license exams several times during the year. These exams are open to all individuals who wish to become amateur radio operators.

Club Membership Meetings: Membership meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the C.A.R.C. Clubhouse (Map). All hams and interested individuals are invited. Please check the calendar for the next meeting date.

Field Day: Field Day is always the last full weekend in June, where hams all over the United States set up their equipment under field conditions for a 24 period and practice emergency operations. Our Field Day operation is located at the C.A.R.C. Clubhouse (Map).

Other Activities: Our members pursue other amateur radio activities such as  Packet Radio, RTTY, DXing, contesting, CW (Morse code) operation, satellite,  and much more.



The C.A.R.C. Club House

The Club would like to thank Jeff Morris and the City Commissioners for the use of the building.



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