Field Day 2005 June 25th & 26th

The Coffeyville Amateur Radio Club participated in the annual ARRL 2005 Field Day Contest. This contest was first held in 1933 to demonstrate the ability of amateur radio operators to operate in the field under emergency conditions when regular antennas and commercial power sources were not available and emergency communications were needed for whatever the reason.

The members of the Coffeyville club erected temporary portable antennas for all amateur bands from 160 meters through the UHF bands. All equipment was powered by solar power or gasoline generators.

Many different forms of communications were utilized including morse code , single sideband voice transmission , fast scan television and even spread spectrum.

Field Day 2005 for the Coffeyville Amateur Radio Club was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS !! The hams attending ranged in age from 8 years old to 88 years old !! We had people who had been licensed from 6 months to over 60 years in attendance !!

If you missed the burgers prepared by our volunteer chef Rick Benton , N0DPQ , on Saturday evening you missed a real treat !!

Bob Martin , KA0IVH , did a wonderful job of doing a very complete video of the entire event and is going to edit it to a CD. He also did the same type of job on still pictures. THANK YOU BOB for preserving this event for posterity !!

Jerry Kloehr , W5QBF , was our CW operator and also our digital photographer. We can expect many great pictures from him also. THANK YOU Jerry & Mary !!

We were fortunate to have Billie Lewark-Wood Montgomery County Commissioner District 2 attend along with Charlotte Scott-Schmidt the County Clerk for Montgomery County Kansas. Also attending was Wilbur Schwatken Rural Fire Coordinator for Montgomery County , who is also a ham ,  KC0TLC. We would like to extend a special thanks to them for taking time out of their weekend to visit our operation.

News coverage was also provided by The Coffeyville Daily Journal.   I believe each and every person had a good time and we look forward to Field Day 2006 being even bigger and better !!

73's - KC0EH Charles Vest - NU0B Ken Collins


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