Field Day 2007

June 23rd & 24th


Ed (KB5FUP), Ron (K0RJB), Wilbur (KC0TLC), Jim (KC0WAA) and Kyle (KC0TTU) taking some time to work on the Montgomery County Mobile EOC during Field Day.



    As ham radio operators have been doing now for three quarters of a century, the CARC operated Field Day. This was done from the Clubhouse in Pfister Park on Big Hill. This time honored tradition takes place on the last full weekend in June of every year. It is a time we demonstrate our ability to provide vital communications , in the event of a disaster or catastrophic event. We do this by running our equipment from non traditional power sources, such as a mobile generator, solar panel and batteries, and erecting antennas the day of the event.

  Although this year happens to be the lowest point in the current sun spot cycle , which limits the distance and frequencies we can use to communicate on . However even with these poor conditions and less than ideal antennas we were able to exchange messages with 43 different states.

  Field Day is always a time of fellowship and great family fun. This year we were honored with two young people , who have a great interest in Amateur (Ham) Radio . They studied under the direction of our GOTA (Get On The Air) coach . This is a position used to interest and advance young people in the art of ham radio. They were Kyle Woolfolk (KC0TTU) , and Shelby Howard , who has yet to test. We look forward to their continued participation.

  We were extremely pleased to have Billie Lewark-Wood (Montgomery County Commissioner) , and her husband Bud. They have been and continue to be great supporters of this event. We sincerely appreciate their taking time from their personal schedule to spend time with us.

  Also present were Jim Miller (KC0WAA) , Montgomery County Emergency Manager, and Wilber Schwatken (KC0TLC) , Montgomery County Rural Fire Coordinator . Besides the expertise and hard work they demonstrate in their professions , they bring those traits to ham radio. By doing so they serve as great role model for people of all ages.

  Field Day this year was another big success. However this year we enjoyed special treats from some of the people that have to deal with the duties associated with our hobby and training.

  A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Eddie Howard for not one , but two , moist delicious cakes , made especially for the radio club. I have to admit they were so good I strayed just a bit from my diet !

 Also Mrs. Robert Martin deserves a SPECIAL THANKS also. She brought us out hot biscuits and gravy , as well as fresh perked coffee! Those of you who know me , know I am NOT a morning person . HOWEVER , that got me out of bed and was absolutely delicious and a great way to start our Sunday. I can't thank these two women enough for their kindness and support.

We also don't want to forget  to thank Joe Thomas, from the Coffeyville Journal. Joe always does an excellent job of covering any special events we may have during the year. Thank You Joe! Our planning for next year event has already begun. We hope to see everyone next year and by all means, bring a friend along! 

Chuck (KC0EH)



Pictures by Bob - N0RDM and Ken - NU0B

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