Field Day 2008

June 28th & 29th



The Coffeyville ARC operated Field Day this year from the Clubhouse on Pfister Park. The whole idea behind Field Day is it gives the Amateur Radio operators (HAMS), a chance to demonstrate what we can and will do to help out the community in the event of a disaster. HAMS operate their own equipment using portable antenna's,  generators, solar panels and batteries. This is all done independent of any commercial power source. As in any emergency there are many things which fit into the Emergency Operation Plan, but communications plays a vital part.

Several members of the  Independence ARC came down and participated in the event, their assistance was greatly appreciated. We are looking at maybe next year we can have this as a joint event between both Clubs.

The Club would like to thank Commissioner Gene Tucker and Commissioner Billie Lewark-Wood for taking the time from there busy schedule to visit the Field Day exercise. We would also like to thank the City of Coffeyville, for the use of the Clubhouse. Thank You all for your continued support of Amateur Radio.

Thank You to all of the people who came by the Clubhouse during the event. We will look forward to seeing you all again in 2009 !  

Ken - NU0B


Pictures by Ken - NU0B

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